I May Have Been…

I may have been a child of divorced parents,

But now I am a daughter of the King of Kings

I may have been a victim of childhood abuse,

But now I am victorious in Christ.

I may have been a captive of fear,

But now I am free in the power of the Holy Spirit.

I may have been overwhelmed by life’s circumstances,

But now I am at peace in the hands of the sovereign Lord.

I may have been beaten down and broken,

But now I am being remade beautifully by God’s grace.


My entire life has been full of challenges but for the last almost 20 years I have been chasing after God. However, my pursuit of Him did not minimize the challenges in my life like I thought it would when I began this journey. I fully believe though that there is nothing that has touched my life that God has not worked through to grow me as a person and deepen my faith and will not continue to work through for His glory.

He has ALWAYS been faithful even through childhood abuse, special needs kiddos, marital challenges, parenting difficulties, financial mistakes and lack, the loss of loved ones, disappointments, and health issues.

I will say it again: He has ALWAYS been faithful. If you need prayer, if you need a word of encouragement, please let me know, I would love to pray for you, speak encouragement into your life or even introduce you to the one who changes us in the midst of our circumstances and experiences: Jesus.