About Cherry

Meet Cherry

Cherry Fargo is the founder of Being Remade, which exists to transforming difficult pasts into beautiful futures. Cherry has a passion to encourage, empower and equip women to embrace the process of being remade into who God intends them to be, especially women who are transitioning from abusive, traumatic, or difficult life circumstances. To help women find their freedom, identity and purpose, she has created several resources for spiritual growth and development. Her passion is to help women discover that hope and healing are possible.

Cherry is trained as Chaplain through Chaplain Fellowship Ministries and holds a degree in Christian Ministries from The King’s University. She also has a certification in life coaching from New Skills Academy. Additionally she serves as a prayer coordinator for Mobile Missions Network and Church Inside Out.

Her community involvement also includes assisting Patsy Weaver in leading a monthly women’s network gathering in Sapulpa, Ok: My Story, Our Table. All local women are invited to join us. Please click the link for the Facebook group for more information.

Cherry has a wide variety of experience in multiple areas of ministry over the last couple of decades including, special needs and women’s ministries. She has had the privilege of working for some amazing ministries including Refuge For Women NTX as a shift lead and TBN as a prayer partner.


Overcoming Shame, Finding Freedom

“Are you suffering from the trauma of sexual abuse? Do you know and love someone who is? Are you looking for someone who has successfully walked this path? Cherry herself knows the shame and pain victims carry. She also knows that there is freedom and healing. Her easy-to-understand guidance comes from her experiences – the trauma, the resistance, the healing, and the wholeness. She is the encouraging friend you need to hear so you know you are not alone. Whether you are a teen, an adult, or a grandparent, Cherry’s tender words will help you know the next steps to take. Let her help you or the one you love exchange shame and pain for freedom and wholeness.”
Through sharing her own story of sexual abuse and her journey of finding healing in Christ, Cherry Fargo gives us the tools to help transform the negative effects of sexual abuse and equip us to reclaim our identity and our stories. Overcoming Shame, Finding Freedom will definitely be a resource in my tool box to be used in ministry.

The Faith Model Prayer Journals

“This is really beautiful. I like the richness of the varied opportunities. It is very classy.”
“Loved this!!! Loved the distraction dock, totally my favorite. I love how you incorporated sermon notes to it and the page descriptions were so helpful.”
“I absolutely love this journal! It has helped my prayer life so much!!!”


“I attended Cherry’s the Practice of Prayer class and it was amazing. She shared a model to organize my thoughts as I am journaling. Taught us how to pray scripture and I love the prayer journal! I would recommend this class for anyone who wants to have a stronger prayer life.”
“Cherry, thank you for sharing your vision, your heart and your knowledge with us at the Prayer Journaling workshop yesterday. All the information was helpful and relevant for anyone who wants to grow in their prayer life regardless of where they might be in life or in their walk with Christ. The prayer journal and prayer model that Cherry has designed is easy to use and I know will enhance my prayer time! Cherry, God has great things in store for you and your ministry!”