Learning How to Share Your Testimony

Roaring Lambs & Writers is an organization that I was introduced to by a friend. I think it’s been a couple years that I have been wanting to go to their testimony writing workshop but life got in the way. I finally decided earlier this year to make a point of signing up for one of their workshops even though I was waiting to have heart surgery. I was going to go in March but wouldn’t you know it, life got in the way yet again. I just did not have the strength or energy to go.

Donna Skell, one of the executive directors, agreed to let me reschedule when I explained the circumstances. Not only that, but she kept in touch with me asking about when my surgery was scheduled so that she could be praying for me. Instantly Donna felt like family. It is so obvious that she, and the rest of the Roaring Writers’ leaders, care for those God puts in their path. Each one has such a heart to help people with their testimonies and stories so that the good news of Jesus’ love, mercy and grace might be shared with others and impact their lives for the glory of God.

It was an absolute privilege to attend a testimony writing workshop recently. The input and feedback given by the Roaring Lambs team was so helpful and encouraging. You can read the results of their insight in my personal testimony  by clicking here.

If you have ever had the desire to share your testimony, I encourage you to visit Roaring Writers and sign up for one of the workshops or maybe even their upcoming writer’s conference on July 14th.

Maybe you’re not a writer. Well in addition to the workshops and conferences, Roaring Lambs also has two published editions of Stories of Roaring Faith available for purchase on Amazon and a third one is in the works. These are testimonies of real, everyday people who will leave you encouraged and inspired in your walk with God.

Buy Volume 1 by clicking here; and Volume 2 by clicking here.

There is one more Roaring Lambs outreach I want to share with you now if you are not a big book reader. Donna Skell and Lisa Burkhardt Worley co-host a  weekly radio broadcast A Time To Dream where you can listen to a host of great testimonies and stories from speakers like Rebecca Carrell, Debbie Stuart, as well as many others who are willing to share their experiences. I am honored and privileged to be one of those “others”. You can check out where to listen to these broadcasts by clicking here.

If God has planted a desire in your heart to write, speak, teach, I encourage you to investigate and pursue that urging. You never know when your words might impact someone’s lives for eternity. Even ministry to just one person individually is so valuable. After all, Jesus stopped time and time again in His life to minister to just the one person seeking Him. Let us go and do likewise.