Now What?

I recently asked my social media friends what they thought their greatest need was going to be during the next three months.  The varied responses I received ranged from things as practical as food to needs as personal as having a good mind set. All of the responses did however fit in to three categories: physical, social and emotional.

These normal everyday needs are to be expected. They are the same for all of us at one point of life or another. What is different though, is we are living in a season where more people have greater needs all at the same time due covid-19. 

This current crisis has stopped our typical way of living, but our lives have not stopped. We still need to earn a living, loved ones are still struggling with pre-existing or even new health issues and our children still need an education. People are still getting married, having children and, unfortunately, still dying. It is easy to feel as if the world is passing us by in a time where we have been urged to stay at home. 

Social distancing also seems to have a way of magnifying our problems. Our minds imagine that our challenges are greater than those of most others when in reality we are all facing the same situations and pondering the same questions: Now what? Will I have enough? How will I stay connected? Do I have the patience and fortitude to see this through? 

As we wonder what will happen tomorrow, we can take comfort in the words found in Matthew 6:31-32 that remind us that our heavenly Father already knows all our needs. Verse 34 then encourages us “…do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” We are His beloved children and as we seek Him, He will care for our every need.

As we keep our eyes on God we will come to realize His provision for us is perfect. When we are weak, He will be our strength. When we are lonely, He will be our companion. When we are sad, He will be our comfort. When we quiet our minds and focus on His goodness we can experience His perfect peace and catch a glimpse of His faithfulness in meeting our needs. 

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” Psalm 46:10

Friend, you are not forgotten. The Lord sees you and loves you deeply. Please rest in Him know that this season will pass and God’s plan for you is a good one.

One way to quiet your mind is through journaling. I have created a journal page bundle for you that are adorned with reminders of God’s love and faithfulness. You can purchase the downloadable Be Still Journal Page Bundle for just $3.95 by clicking here. Then print as many as you would like to see you through these difficult days.

It would be my honor to pray with you, please contact me and let me know what your greatest needs are during this time.