Living The Fruitful Life Part Nine



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Key Bible Verse:

“You have also given me the shield of salvation, And your right hand upholds me and your gentleness makes me great.” Psalm 18:35 

Thoughts to ponder:

God’s gentleness in us and working through us makes us great. But not for our own sakes, for the sake of the work He has called us to do in His Kingdom. Gentleness, like the other fruit of the Spirit, is given to us as a gift, but we must open that gift, learn about it and put it into use for it to fully use it and see it working in our lives.

Some people confuse timidity or frailty with gentleness. Gentleness is NOT weakness but rather the skill to wield power effectively. It is using the power of God in us to draw others to Him by dealing with others in firm but tender ways. When we choose not to respond to others with harshness or severity but in tenderness and kindness we are operating in gentleness.

Gentleness is also tied to humility. In Matthew 11:29 Jesus tells His disciples “…I am gentle and humble in heart…”. I think to be gentle and humble of heart means that we know who we are in Christ and walk in a God-confidence which that knowledge brings. However, at the same time we do not think too highly of ourselves. We understand that with out Christ we are nothing.

When gentleness becomes developed in our lives, we give up the need to defend or justify ourselves for the sake of being right.As we rest quietly in God and allow Him to work through our gentle actions towards others, He upholds us and makes us great witnesses to His transforming power available to all who believe.

Challenge/Action Step:

Download Worksheet.

Download the worksheet.

Spend some time in prayer and ask God to show you any areas in your relationships that you tend to respond harshly or severely.

Why do you think you respond that way in those situations?

What would it take for you to be able to respond differently?

Ask Him to reveal to you how He would like you to deal with similar situations in the future. Write it down so you will remember!

Prayer for today:

Thank you Lord that you have given us so much! Help us to understand and realize that every gift we have received from You is for Your glory. Help us to find great joy in that as we develop the virtue of gentleness in our lives. ~Amen.

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