Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, I’m Teri Beane and it is so nice to meet you. Even though I’m an introvert by nature, I love making new friends and diving into meaningful conversations.  

After meeting Cherry, our friendship flourished quickly as we discovered our hearts for ministering to women were closely matched. Recently she graciously extended an invitation to merge our ministries under TheBeingRemadeLife.com banner.  I couldn’t be more excited about the things we have planned for the upcoming months. 

So let me tell you a little bit about myself and I hope you will interact with us through our Facebook page and website so I can get to know you! I am a Jesus lover, long-term wife, very proud mother, dogs best friend, artist, author, licensed minister, oppression hater, and freedom fighter, who always carries Kleenex in her purse and unashamedly has a propensity towards a good slice of pizza. I started to tell you all the things I love, but quickly realized that you don’t have all day to read this blog post so I will stick to what I am most passionate about. Here are a few things that really light my fire:

  •  Feasting on the Word of God and getting to know Him better.
  • Sitting across the table, coffee in hand, listening to someone sharing their story.
  • Sharing with others what can happen when Jesus’ story intersects with our own. 
  • Spending time in my studio playing with paint and any other creative medium I can get my hands on. 
  • Being outdoors on a beautiful day.
  • Laughing about anything, or nothing at all, until I nearly pee my pants (which has become much easier since hitting middle age, ugh). 
  • A fashionable pair of boots. (I can’t help it, it’s in my DNA. Even as a child, go-go boots were #2 on my Christmas list, right after a request for a monkey. As you can imagine, this guaranteed me a pair of boots under the tree.)
  • A novel that I can’t put down.
I could go on forever because I am so grateful to God for this life I live, and I try to embrace it’s many gifts and every precious moment. However, you have heard enough about me for now. Will you introduce yourself and tell me about you? Or if we are already acquainted, take a moment and say hi. I can’t wait to share pieces of my story with you through writings and artwork, and I am even more excited to hear your story! 
P.S.  For the purposes of full disclosure….Hubby disagrees with me about the whole attitude change thing. He thinks the first pic of me at age 3 is still a very accurate assessment of my attitude.