Let Me Re-Introduce Myself

Hello! For those of you who are “meeting” me (Cherry) for the first time, I am so glad you dropped by.  I am so glad you got to hear from Teri on the last blog post. And I am so grateful to have met her so quickly after my move from Texas to Oklahoma. It seems like every other time I’ve made big moves in my life, it has taken me years to really connect with others and make friends.

Teri told me the first time we met that she had been praying that God would bring her a creative friend and that she felt like I was an answer to her prayer. How precious is that? She was already such a blessing to me that first day we met for coffee.

Teri and I have so much in common, like interests, the same desire for ministry and the same vision for marrying art and ministry together to help women heal from traumatic pasts. While I have been building the Being Remade foundation for awhile now, God is expanding what Being Remade can become with Teri’s involvement.

Because many of you now who I am, I’m going to give you a few new fun facts about me here but if you want to know more, feel free to pop on over to the “about Cherry” page, you can learn more about me there.


  • Cherry is a family name. Several generations ago it was a surname but the family ran our of boys to carry it on so they began giving it to the first born daughters as a first name. There are currently 5 living generations of first born daughters named Cherry.  (update: on 11/4/2020 my mother Cherry Elaine has passed away leaving just 4 living generations but she leaves a legacy of tender-hearted kindness and love to carry on.)
  • My favorite book in the Bible is Isaiah and my favorite chapter in the Bible is Romans 8. My favorite verse is probably 1 Peter 5:10, although I am also very fond of Isaiah 55:11 and Psalm 27:13
  • My Strength Finder’s top five are Restorative, Empathy, Positivity, Connectedness and Strategic. I have learned that my great weaknesses are often tied to my strengths as well.
  • Spiritual assessments usually list my gifts as mercy, teaching, exhortation and leadership.
  • I love to take what looks like a pile of junk and make something creative out of it!
  • My first car could have been a 1969 Mach 1 Fastback Mustang with a Boss 302 engine, dual carbs and dual exhaust, but even when I was young I was very practical and I bought a 1988 Toyota Corolla. Sometimes I wish I would have bought the Mustang.
  • God usually reveals spiritual truths to me through everyday events. One of my favorites is the time God showed me He was just like the bank.

We love hearing from you! Please share a fun fact or your strengths in the comments below or any prayer requests you might have. We appreciate you and every opportunity we have to connect with you.