A Woman Who Rises Is One Who Is Engaged, Pt. 2

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By Teri Beane

Pull up a chair and join us at the table for Part Two of our Bible chat. Each month we are sharing a word with you that you can contemplate, meditate on, and learn to put into practice in order to help you rise to your potential in 2021. This month we are focusing on the word engaged. A woman who rises is one who is engaged. Last week we shared that we engage by stepping into HIStory. This week, Cherry and I discuss how we, like Esther, can engage in what God is doing by participating in preparations to make is fit for the King of Kings and His kingdom.

Most of us will never make the pages of history as Queen Esther did, however, we all have opportunities to be a hero to someone. People are hurting. It seems like most everyone is going through something right now and they need answers. The good news is that I have their answer, you have their answer- it’s Jesus! And our stories might just be someone else’s survival guide. I may never be a hero like Esther and save a nation, but things that I have experienced, the lessons learned along the way, and things that Jesus has healed or delivered me from may help someone else find their answer.

I’m on a personal mission to be more intentional and notice the people who are right in front of me. I’m the worlds worst about going through my errands without really seeing those I encounter. As I do my banking, or check out at the department store, I’m mentally rehearsing the next stop on my to-do list rather than looking into the eyes of those around me or striking up a conversation. I want to be more available whether it’s something as simple as sharing a smile, meaningful words, or taking the time to pray with someone. I’m determined to do better and to commit myself to my own transformation process so that I can be a living example of what Jesus can do in a surrendered life.

Cherry and I hope you will join us on this journey of spiritual development. We would love to hear your thoughts, questions, and stories. Leave a comment below or join the conversation on our Facebook Group, She Rises.