A Woman Who Rises Is One Who Is Engaged, Pt. 3

Welcome to my table. Cherry and I couldn’t be happier that you have decided to join our conversation. The past couple of weeks we have been talking about the significance of being engaged in what God is doing in this season, which would be utterly impossible without the spiritual discipline of prayer. So today, Cherry leads us in a conversation on the spiritual discipline of prayer and tells us how to enhance our experience even further with prayer journaling. She has mastered the art of prayer journaling and I’m pretty darn sure you are going to like her ideas!

Prayer is:

  • the spiritual discipline that is foundational to our relationship with God.
  • a conversation with God in which we communicate our heart to the Father and listen for His response to us.

Prayer journaling is the practice of communicating through a written prayer.

The primary benefits of prayer journaling are the ability to review our prayers and record the answers over time. As a result, our prayer journals become reminders of God’s faithfulness to us which can encourage us and build our faith.

Prayer journaling revolutionized my prayer life many years ago. It helped me to stay focused and forgo chasing rabbits down trails of distracting thoughts. Even though I’ve journaled a long time, I picked up some new ideas in our table talk. Cherry’s method and model has raised the bar and I’m looking forward to putting new ideas into practice!

You can download the FREE Essentials to Prayer Journaling Guide here to help you get started.