A Woman Who Rises is One Who Hears, Episode 2

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Welcome to my kitchen! I am so glad you are pulling up a chair and joining Cherry and I on Come To The Table. Today is part 2 of A Woman Who Rises is One Who Hears. If we want to be women who rise to our potential, we must be women who not only hear what God is saying, but listen with an intention to respond to what He is saying. Today, Cherry will share various ways we can hear from God and discuss the spiritual discipline of listening.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect”. You’ve probably engaged an eye roll or two as a parent, coach, or teacher said it to you. Sometimes we don’t want to hear it, because practicing anything takes time, discipline, energy, and effort. However, the reality is, we cannot get better at something without practice. The same goes with hearing God. If we want to fine tune our listening skills, we need to¬†practice¬†the spiritual discipline of listening. Only through repeated conversations with God can we learn to recognize His voice. And as we practice responding to His voice and experience the benefits of listening to God, we are encouraged and desire to hear Him more.

One of the best ways to practice listening to God is through journaling. I can’t begin to tell you how beneficial it is! And it is so simple.

  1. Write down what God is saying to you whether He is speaking to your heart or through His written word. Or if you need guidance, write down your specific request for guidance.
  2. If you wrote down something God was speaking to your heart, ask Him how He wants you to respond. If you are seeking guidance, sit quietly in silence and listen for God to respond. Record what God says to you. Jot down any scriptures, songs, words, pictures or impressions God gives you.
  3. Respond or follow through with what God has said to you.
  4. Come back later and record the outcome after following through.

You will be amazed at how much the practice of journaling will improve your listening skills. And the journal will become a treasured possession as you are able to look back through your conversations with God and see how much loving attention He has given you!

Cherry designed some beautiful journaling pages to help you get started. You’ll find the link above. You can create your own journal by using cardstock paper for a cover and staple or sew the pages in. Or you can tape or glue the pages in an existing journal.

We would love for you to share your tips on being an active listener and hear how you are growing in the spiritual discipline of listening. Keep the conversation going with us on our Facebook group page, SHE RISES. And be sure to share pics of your homemade journals!