Six Tips for Effective Prayer

Prayer is essential to our relationship with the Lord. It is key to our spiritual growth and development. Prayer is worship, an outpouring of our thoughts and feelings to God and an intentional listening for His voice.

When I started my walk with the Lord and began in earnest to develop a prayer life I encountered a couple of challenges. I was a mom with 4 littles under foot so by the time I found a few quiet minutes in the day to sit still and pray, one of two things would happen: I would fight falling asleep or my thoughts would be bombarded by my never ending to do list. I discovered that by writing my prayers out, it kept me focused and helped me overcome these obstacles.

I love helping others move along in their faith journey and have  six tips for an effective prayer life to share with you. These work well whether or not you use a prayer journal.


  1. DISCARD DISTRACTIONS-   Jot down any thoughts that might distract your prayers before you begin. By writing them down, you know that you can come back to them later if needed.
  2. PRAISE HIM –  Give God all of your attention. Begin your prayers by acknowledging and thanking Him for His goodness.
  3. ASK FOR GOD’S PROVISION –   Ask God for the things you are in need of, including forgiveness. Intercede for the needs of others as well      
  4. LISTEN –   Prayer is a conversation  with God. Listen for His responses and jot them down in your journal with your prayers.

  5. THANK HIM – Thank God for all the answers to your prayers, even when they are different than what you hoped for.

  6. TRUST-   Continue in faith believing that God’s answers are always for your good and His glory.


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If you need prayer please leave a comment and we will be happy to pray for your needs! Many Blessings, Cherry.