Just Call Me Martha

I think Martha, from the account of Luke chapter 10 in the Bible, was probably a type A personality. You know, one of those women who is super organized and painfully aware of everything that needs to be done and how they fit, or don’t fit, into a schedule. She probably had a desire to make sure she was the hostest with the mostest.  Add to those things the drive to be productive and responsible and you can just go ahead and call me Martha.


Like Martha’s sister Mary, I do know there is benefit to slowing down and sitting at the feet of Jesus but sometimes it’s just so hard to ignore that inner drive to be doing something. What is it about simply abiding that is so difficult at times? I’m not sure why I often find myself coming full circle back to a place where I have used up every bit of space on my calendar and my schedule, where margin in my life has become non-existent, but I do know that is a dangerous place for me to be. My patience wears thin, I am less gracious and more unkind, and ultimately less productive as well. Do you ever feel that way?


When my life feels like it’s spinning out of control with a flurry of activity, I have to force myself to take a personal inventory. For me that involves asking myself some challenging questions:


What are the things that only I can do?

What are the things that only Jesus can do?

What are the things I am doing that have no real value?

What are the things that are sheer distractions?

How can I reorganize my time so I have more margin in my life?


And do you know what I have to do to find the answers to these questions? Become more like Mary. Sit in solitude and quiet and listen for the voice of Jesus leading me and guiding me. I had a few moments last night to just be still, a small margin of time in which I chose to open my Bible and read. Isaiah 30:1 jumped out at me:

“Woe to the rebellious children,” declares the Lord,
“Who execute a plan, but not Mine,
And [a]make an alliance, but not of My Spirit,
In order to add sin to sin;


No matter how much we serve, if we are leaving God out of the planning and the doing, we are being rebellious. We become out of step and out of tune with the Lord and our efforts are reduced to rebellion and sin all because we have worked or scheduled our margin, our time to abide in the Lord, right out of our day, then our week, then our month. The solution is simple, STOP! Slow down, cancel something, be still and get alone with God. You know what happens when we do that? We find peace, we become better rested, clearer minded, more in tune with our gracious Heavenly Father. And somehow, in laying it all at His feet, we become more intentional, more purposeful and even more productive. “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” ~ Matthew 6:33


How do you overcome your inner Martha and how can I pray for you? Please drop a note in the comment box, I love hearing from you all! We are in this walk of faith together, let’s be iron sharpening iron!