Catching My Breath

     Well, as we near the end of 2022, I am spending it much like I was at the end of 2021, catching my breath. Once again, I have contracted covid. Thankfully, I am recovering this year on my own. There’s no need for oxygen or rehab this time around but there has been a need to isolate, slow down & rest. In the midst of the holiday season, that’s a bit of a challenge for me to do with much grace.


     Slowing down, although not by choice, has also given me the opportunity to catch my breath from a busy busy year. From chaplaincy training, to care taking, to mentoring, to event coordinating, to serving with Mobile Missions Network, and several other activities, my time has been thoroughly occupied. Sometimes it takes moments of respite to realize how much one has been doing.


     I am also doing a looking back, moving forward challenge with my friend over at Do A New Thing with Christa Hutchins. She encouraged us today to look at the good things from the past year. I am grateful it was easier this year. Why is that? My faith in Jesus, come what may, carries me through!
     And thankfully 2022 has been one of the better years of the last decade for us. There were no losses of loved ones and no major illnesses. (Covid only lasted a week and not 3 months), God provided for us financially in ways we didn’t expect, our youngest went back to Texas, where she mostly grew up, on a full ride scholarship, I’ve seen growth and maturity in my children.
     I’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time on various activities which have reminded me and pointed me back to what I am passionate about. I am amazed by the opportunities He has provided and thankful to be a part of Mobile Missions Network.
Unlike the past several years, looking back on this one and forward to the next leaves me much more hopeful. I am however continuously grateful for The Lord’s presence in my life through all the trials and all the blessings.


     My hope for you this holiday season is that you have your own moments where life is put on pause. I pray that you embrace those times and catch your breath. May you be able to see your progress and accomplishments of 2022 and find some encouragement in them. As we approach 2023, no matter how challenging 2022 may have been, let’s set our sights on the possibilities before us and with hope let’s set some goals for the next year.



     Have you taken stock of your year yet? I’d love to hear about the goals you are reaching for next year so that I can be supporting you in prayer. Please shoot me a message or leave a comment so I know how to pray for you. Also if you have any questions about defining your priorities and setting goals, please ask!! I’d love to address those in the next blog post.


     Just so you know, my big goals for 2023 are to finish my manuscript by March and have it published in the fall. I appreciate your prayers as well.


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & Many Blessings to you!!