A Heart Move

If you were not with us at our My Story, Our Table event in February, I wish you could have been so that you could have heard the heart of our precious speaker, Jamey Ory. I can in no way do it justice but let me share a few snippets.


Jamey overcame many obstacles and hurdles and a couple of not so great relationships of her own before finding her current husband. She speaks of their relationship with tender appreciation and a gratefulness to God for being spouses who are equally yoked. In 2018 they felt the call to become a foster family and responded.


What I found especially touching about Jamey’s story was her desire to see families restored and reunified, even when that meant giving up the care of children she had become dearly attached to. In regards to the compassion she felt she said “God moved my heart when my head was saying something else.”


The need for foster care is great. In the state of Oklahoma there are almost twice as many children in need of care as there are homes. Jamey encourages those who feel any sort of inclination towards foster care to answer the call stating that she has seen both “horrible stories and amazing restorations.”


Jamey shared that she and her husband “feel like these kids were gifted to us. We’re so blessed but we’re tired.” Parenting multiple children under normal circumstances is exhausting, I can’t imagine the added strain of additional duties required of foster parents. So, if you feel a tug but are not able to foster, here are a few other things you can do to support foster families:

  • Provide respite care for a foster family. Allow the parents to go on a date, take a nap, or run errands while you care for the children.
  • Offer to help with chores or run errands.
  • Sit with them and be a listening ear, let them share their struggles with you and pray for them.
  • Make the family a meal or drop off a fun care package. Think creatively, maybe a spa basket, a movie night basket, or a family game night basket.

It’s really as simple as just being available.

If you live in the Tulsa Metro area and would like to join us for our next gathering you can find all the info here. 

There really is something special about gathering with other women and encouraging one another with our stories. We hope to see you there sometime.


Many Blessings,