A Woman Who Rises is One Who is Available

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Everyone has a story and the experiences in our backstory have a significant influence and impact on who we are and what our circumstances are today. The most exciting news about our stories is they are not finished! Jesus came to earth to redeem them. He wants to heal, restore and set us free, and in return, he asks us to be a tool in his hand to bring freedom to others.

For the next four weeks, Cherry and I will be continuing our She Rises series as we discuss the importance of making ourselves available. If we want to be women who rise above our circumstances and become authentic voices in this hour, it is important that we make ourselves available to God for healing and transformation, as well as make ourselves available to others by sharing our story.

We are so glad you are joining us at my table today. Do you have your favorite beverage in hand? Today we are discussing the amazing power the gospel has to transform our lives.  Jesus has done so much more than provide us eternal life through his sacrifice on the cross. He made provision for our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs. And in addition, he paved the way for our emotional wounds to be healed and released us from every kind of captivity, so that we can live a life of shalom.

Jesus wants to redeem every page of our story and then use our story to bring freedom to others. So grab your Bible and join the conversation. We would love for you to leave a comment and share your thoughts on our topic today.