A Woman Who Rises is One Who is Available, Pt. 4

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Cherry’s Testimony

When Cherry followed the Lord’s lead to enroll in college she was faced with a choice to trust that God is a trustworthy provider and His timing is perfect or give up the dream because the money just wasn’t there. In today’s video, Cherry is going to share with you the decision that she made and the process that led her to that decision. However, she is not only going to tell of her experience, she is going to show you how to use the 5 simple elements found in my book, A Story Worth Telling, to easily share your story with others in everyday conversations.

We all have a story and within our grand story are many instances of God’s provision, grace, mercy, healing, blessing, and forgiveness. Each provides us with an opportunity to be witnesses, and share how we have experienced God first hand. Our stories are so powerful. There are people you encounter on a regular basis who need to know what God can and will do in their life, and your experiences might be the very thing that draws them to Christ.

Cherry and I want to encourage you to become “noticers” and really tune into what others are saying and feeling. Then you can scan through a mental inventory of your life to find times that you felt the same way. Your story may be a connecting point in which they discover Jesus in a new and fresh way. How did you get through it? What did Christ do for you in your circumstances? What lessons did you learn from your experience? Your answers to questions like these could be their lifeline!

So we hope you will listen and learn how easy it is to bring up your experiences in a conversation. Next week, I will be sharing a page from my story to demonstrate how we can use the 5 elements to share our testimony. As always, we would love to hear what you take away from watching the video. Share your thoughts in the comment section below or join the conversation in our She Rises Facebook Group here.