A Woman Who Rises is One Who is Available, Pt. 5

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Teri’s Testimony

I want so badly for everyone to know the Jesus I know. Yet, it can be frustrating to try to tell others about Him because I can never fully capture Him in my limited vocabulary. I can’t find adjectives strong enough or expansive enough to describe Jesus fully. I can’t find verbs descriptive enough to tell the depth and significance of what He has done in and for me. Our man-made words just can’t contain Him.  But because Jesus’ work in my life has left me both awestruck and lovesick I keep trying to communicate His goodness to others the best way I can. And one of the most effective ways I have found to share Jesus with others is by simply sharing pieces of my story with them.

Last week we shared how easy it is to share snippets of Christ’s wonderful blessings and work in your life by incorporating five simple elements into your conversation. Cherry discussed with us how she would use these five elements to share how God was faithful during a financial crisis. This week I am sharing how experiencing sexual abuse as a child influenced my behavior as an adult, and how Jesus swept in as the hero in my story and healed me of the emotional wounds.

Cherry and I hope our stories help you learn how easy it is to weave a testimony into everyday conversations so others can discover the healing and redeeming work of Jesus.  And we also hope our stories help bolster your faith if you share the same struggles. Cherry also has a sexual abuse story and so we share the same passion to help women who have been victimized find healing through Christ. We have made some times available for you to make appointments with us via zoom, if you would like to talk with us personally. We want to help you in any way we can. You’ll find the links below. Also, our Facebook group, She Rises is a safe place for you to share and be encouraged.

I want to issue a challenge to you this week. Be a noticer. Really listen to what others are saying, and if you hear someone talking about a challenge that is similar to something you have been through, share your story with them! Tell them how you made it through and what Christ did for you. Be intentional and use your voice to help someone this week. We would love for you to share your encounters on our She Rises Facebook page.

Have a blessed week! 


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